Music Quote Monday

Music Quote Monday is back! Well, for today and hopefully there will be more to come. I stopped because I was busy and someone said that it didn’t make any sense. There heart was in the right place butttttt not everyone is going to get why I do what I do so I’m posting it anyway.

This probably should have been the first quote since it was the quintessential body positive song of my adolescents. I thought it was corny at first but when I heard the seven year old African American twins that I live across the street from at the time singing it, I realized the power of India Arie. Enjoy!


The video for Video (hehe):

Music Quote Monday!

Hey people! So I took a week off last week for Labor Day and this week I’m back at it! Here’s a quote form Jasmine Sullivan. She has returned to music after leaving the industry due to the politics of it all and I’m so happy she is back!


Here is the acoustic version of the song with video:

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