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Beyoncé, Please do a Post Babies Photo Shoot


Dear Beyoncé,

Love you, love you, place no one above you. Well, except my family (or at least that is what I tell them). I don’t need to tell you how much your awesomeness radiates throughout the universe. You said it yourself that you “stop the world” and you do. As you did when you released your goddess inspired maternity pictures. The green veil, the flowers, the car, the underwater magic — when in the world has anyone ever done that like that? Never! It might have seemed as if people were hunched over their computers looking at your maternity shoot pictures but really they were reacting out of reflex, bowing down to your greatness. The more and more I read about the intentionality of the shoot, the more and more I am inspired by your ability to weave artistic expression, Afrocentricity and pop culture breaking headline stories together. Each bead, each camera angle, each flower petal of your look serving as a thumbnail to some deep history, a story often told in some spaces and forgotten in others.

We know you deserved that Grammy. What Adele said is what we all would have said if we ever had the honor of your presence bestowed upon us (you also deserved the Oscar for Dreamgirls by the way, but we won’t get into that right now). What I am attempting to articulate is that the winner of the most coveted award in the music industry acknowledging that you were more deserving of the award than she was is just one example of how you can transcend any form that comes your way. That is why I think it would be super awesome if you approached a post-baby body shoot in the same manner that you approached your maternity shoot. Same vulnerability. Same intentionality. Same beauty. Same body, but just in a different form.

Don’t get me wrong, Queen Bey, you don’t owe me anything. You have already awarded me countless nights of pure fun, like lying to DJ’s that it’s my friend’s birthday just so they would play “Get Me Bodied” one more ‘gain. You have shared with us some of your most intimate life moments. You’ve pushed your artistry and donated to charities, you have lent your voice to movements and have marched in city streets. Most importantly, you created the soundtrack for my adolescent and adult life. I remember studying for AP Biology in my friend Anya P’s bedroom while listening to The Writings on the Wall, belting out: “I’m doing so, so, so good, good, good, good” until my voice was hoarse. I sang “End of Time” to my son when he was an infant to calm him down when he had his daily fits. When parenting got a bit stressful I would get in my car and play “Mine”, trying not to blow out my speakers with the bass turned up high. I was in my kitchen when I first found out about the video for “Formation”. I never finished the dishes that day, I couldn’t stop watching the video. First the Superbowl, then seeing you perform it live at Levi’s Stadium a few months after, was truly a powerful experience. I don’t think I have ever stepped foot on an elliptical or ran a single mile in the past ten years without your voice in my ear pushing me and inspiring me to keep going. When I want to stop I think, “would Beyoncé stop?” And of course, I am not alone. There isn’t a single friend that I consider near and dear that does not feel the same way as I do. Your music is EVERYTHING.

However, there was a time when I felt really frustrated with you. It was after I had my second child and my baby weight had not melted off of me like it had with my first child. I felt like a freak of nature searching for affirmation. While I do remember listening to “Blow” and “XO” during this time, I also remember thinking, “did Beyoncé go through this with Blue?” I know you had a full staff of people to support you through your postpartum transition, but did your boobs sag a centimeter at least? Did you have a single stretch mark? Did you have a pooch? Was there any extra skin that took a little while to regain elasticity? Is the only part of your body that bears any evidence of you having a child your uterus? Ok, I’ll stop. I don’t mean to get all up in your uterus. I have since realized that just like every baby is different, every post-baby body is different. I’m not emo about my body anymore and your body is none of my business. I just think it would be hella dope if you had an out of this world postpartum photo shoot. It could be on the moon, it could have Aida theme or it could be in your bathroom. I’ll let you and your people figure all of that out. You are Beyoncé. Really all you would have to do is roll up like ‘this is what I effing look like after having some twins’. Soak up my femininity. Embrace my feminism. This is motherhood unfiltered. Smell the sweet nectar of my honey breast milk. And yes, I woke up like this because I sleep when they sleep and they wake up every 2-4 hours.

So, in closing, I just want to say that I know this extremely intrusive request is far fetched and probably will never happen but whatever you do, just know that as a fan I will always love you, flaws and all.



#WomenCrushWednesday ~ Taylor Jay

Women crush everyday of the week! To honor and share stories of women who are crushing it either on the body front or the mama front, I am featuring short interviews of women who are crushing it, hence the title #WomenCrushWednesday. This is an extra special fashion edition #WomenCrush Wednesday with body positive mama designer and businesswoman, Taylor Jay!


One of’s favorite designer’s, Taylor Jay and me draped in Taylor Jay’s fabulous designs.

How has your view of your body evolved over the years?

I’m learning to embrace my curves. When I was younger I was quite thin and I had really lanky- long legs, long limbs with a big butt and I was super insecure about it. Now I have filled out all of the long leggedness. I am a little more filled out but I have learned to embrace my curviness. Especially now that it’s such an honor to be curvy, to be a woman and I am accepting my body. I’m okay with it.


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How do you think women should feel about their bodies?

Women should love the skin that they are in. I think that we should always be the best version of ourselves that we can be. In addition, health is definitely an important part of life. We want to be healthy but at the same time women shouldn’t be hard on themselves – the things that they can’t change they should learn how to embrace and accept the beauty in it.


Taylor with her daughter 🙂

How do you think women should feel about their bodies?

I have fallen in love with Taylor Jay over this time just because of the wonderful amazing women that I come across. Like the women that I see in my clothing who feel so beautiful, they feel so feminine, so comfortable, they feel confident. There are such a wide range of sizes as far as height, weight, curvy, thin and I can just see how they all own this confidence individually and it just made me feel great about being a designer and making clothing that contributes to that. As far as Taylor Jay goes, all my clientele, their bodies their lifestyles and just like their total being is something that I think about when I am making a new style or when I think about making something new or even picking a fabric color. I do it all with the Taylor Jay woman in mind. All in all most of the Taylor Jay ladies that I come in contact with are confident, are beautiful and she is her own version of herself.

Editors Note: Taylor Jay’s clothing line is one of the best around for the post baby physique. Her clothes are stylish, comfortable and empowering. You can access Taylor’s online store at . Here are some more of her looks:



The ladies of in their Taylor Jay

My favorite Taylor Jay Looks

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