PostBabyBody_125“Are you pregnant?” this question use to bring me so much joy. I would respond, “yes” proceeded by, “I’m having a boy…five months…this is my first…this is my second.” Lately, however the answer to that question is a lot more simple but the emotions that come with it are a lot more complex. “No, I am not pregnant…no, seriously, I am not pregnant. I have a one year old and a four year old but I am not currently pregnant.” I accept their apologies, usually respond with some self-loathing type comment to lighten the mood but afterwards there are always a flurry of thoughts that run through my head- an internal debate that consequently alters my mood. Ironically, I tend to get mistaken as a pregnant women in times when I have been working out or training which really adds insult to injury.


“I’m done waiting for my stomach to slim down…”

No joke, it got so bad at one point that I started wondering if I was in fact pregnant even though I was on some pretty dependable birth control. Could I be the .1% that it doesn’t work for? Well I’m done tormenting myself about how every single celebrity mom with the exception of a few look nothing like me. I’m done waiting for my stomach to slim down like it did after my first child and for my belly button to go back in- I’m sporting an outie now. I’m done feeling guilty about eating take out because I am too exhausted to cook after working all day every day. I am ready to say to society, “it’s you, not me.” The moment I made this decision was the moment I started down my path to liberation. I’m far from my destination of loving my body, flaws and all but I definitely torment myself less.


“I’m ready to say to society, ‘it’s you, not me’.”

Photo Credit- the amazingly talented Maria Del Rio, Del Rio Photography 

10 thoughts on “Whitney

  1. Jade herbert says:

    Im so happy you did this. I also cant wait to see you when we get back to school because you are an amazing beautiful woman. And you have an amazing body after having children. Hope to see you soon! Also love the courage and confidence you have to do this. 😍😘😋😊


  2. Kim Turner says:

    This was an awesome read. It’s like you were reading my mind!! With way more confidence than I probably would have. I’m so tired of people even asking me what I’m doing to try and lose the weight or offering weight loss tips without me ever having to ask. Thank you for this!!!! You’re amazing!! And beautiful!!!!! 😍


  3. Raquel Needham says:

    This is amazing! Thank you for this. My body after two kids has taken a toll on me mentally and physically. But I forget how I just need to embrace it sometimes. Good to see you the other day btw.


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