“I spent a long time worrying about this body.”

This body has done some thangs…

I mean really we been carrying these hips, these thighs, the whole damn package since time immemorial. It is a gift and a burden that should be expected, cuz our grandmama and them been doing this. But I am still amazed at every child that calls me mommy, still startled every time I bleed and my body reminds me that my womb is its own universe. I am still deeply saddened and offended by every human that thinks it’s their right to attack female bodies.

I spent a long time worrying about this body. Comparing it to the bodies of other women. Seeing how it measures up to my own standards, being mad at myself for even putting myself through that scrutiny, like my self esteem should be stronger than some stretch marks and saggy skin.


“I am not sure how we survive the constant attack on our self esteems and ego’s.”

I’ve been more on the petite side of things my whole life. Not super skinny, or really thick, just medium I guess. Both of my pregnancies I gained 50 pounds which was a bit much for me. My labors were hard, and they took a lot out of me so it was a healing and recovery process I had to go through. In addition, family, friends and strangers took it upon themselves to critique my body.

I’m always shocked at how freely people talk about female bodies.

I am not sure how we survive the constant attack on our self esteems and ego’s.

Or how we balance being proud mothers when we are not proud of what pregnancy has done to our bodies.

But somehow we manage it.


“Imperfect…yet still beautiful.”

I’ve just recently started to feel attractive after having twins. It’s taken three years to not feel completely ashamed of how I look with no clothes on. There are still things I wish to change but I also feel beautiful (most days.) I don’t like my tummy but I love my booty and thighs. I try to focus on what I like lately lol.

When I first thought about doing this shoot I was nervous and excited. I thought YES let’s show the world what mothers look like. All the changes and sacrifice that come with this responsibility. Let’s be vulnerable in public.

Let’s be proud!

Imperfect…yet still beautiful.

By Darling Tiara

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