“My body has given me the great gifts to known to mankind.”                            Photo Credit: Jamina Veasey Images

I have been living with the ups and downs of this post baby body for 16 years. I was so young it is almost hard to remember what it ever looked like without these stretch marks and baby pouch.
While it has taken me all this time, until recently after my 4th and final baby, to  look at my body as is and find solace in the fact that I grew 4 great human beings(each being over 9 lbs!), tested my body’s limits with 2 all natural births and nurtured my children through breastfeeding. This body. My body has given me the greatest gifts known to mankind.

“It’s time the world sees how beautiful the postbabybody is.”                                 Photo Credit: Jamina Veasey Images 

Am I always totally comfortable with the weight I am currently retaining? Not always, but every day, when I look at my healthy 1 year old daughter-I would do it all over. Because she (they) have made me who I am.
In a time where tea and waist trainers fool society and body shaming is extremely prevalent, after having 2 daughters I realize that it is up to us as women to make sure that they: my daughters, nieces and other young girls, know that they are beautiful regardless of what a magazine, social media or any other person may think.
It’s time the world sees how beautiful the postbabybody is✊🏽


Hair styled by: Silken Strands Hair Studio

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