I was sixth months pregnant with my first child when I noticed a long  curvy line in the middle of my stomach that itched like crazy and the more I scratched, the more they showed up in bands of parallel lines (stretch marks).Aside from how badly the stretch marks itched I didn’t really focus on them, I assumed they would too disappear with all the other symptoms of pregnancy once my baby arrived. Now I have always been a little thicker than most and was more concerned about how much weight I would gain while pregnant, and lose afterwards.



Once the shock of being a new mommy mellowed and I thought all was perfect with the Universe, I came to realize a few things:

  1. My baby weighed 9 pounds but I gained 30 pounds. “I thought you lose what you gain?”.
  2. The  stretch marks had taken permanent residency on my body.
  3. The pressure of society’s expectation and obsession to “bounce back” after childbirth.

I felt like my body was ruined and from that point I focused on covering up and making sure no one saw my stomach.

Throughout four pregnancies I continued struggling to find confidence in my ruined body but those feelings never sat well. I was raised to love myself inside and out. So how could I feel that way about the body that has performed an amazing act, giving life to four beautiful boys?Irrespective of the raging controversies and labels that advertise the “perfect body”, there is little that compares to the happiness of motherhood. All mommies, no matter the size, or shape, are SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL!


I have grown to love every inch, fold, and curvy line on my post baby body, and no longer worry about how I look through someone else’s eyes.

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