“I do my best to not let the scars of motherhood that I have get me down.”

I just want to start off by saying I love my body, I love myself. I have always been petite, being petite has never bothered me. I’ve always wanted to model but I was always too petite so I had to step back from modeling because most agencies want tall models. That bothered me when I was younger.


“I went into postpartum depression…”

After I had my first child, Kayla I had stretch marks on my breasts and stomach. I went into postpartum depression because I had a cesarean, I wanted to have my daughter naturally but I couldn’t so I have this big scar on my stomach. I would never consider wearing a two piece bathing suit or anything that would show off my stretch marks or the scar on my stomach. All four of my children were cesarean births.  I had my 4th child at forty and I still feel amazing but, from time to time I do worry about how I look.  I do my best to not let the scars of motherhood that I have get me down though because they are special to me just like my children.


“Being a mother is a beautiful thing…”

Now, I’m on a  journey at 52 of embracing my life, my body, and my mind without judgment. It is a beautiful thing!  This is why I joined the My Post Baby Body because I believe in self-love and motivation. Being a mother is a beautiful thing, and our bodies should be celebrated stretch marks and all.

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