An open letter to my kids:

Carter, my first born, my son. There will be many women in your life whom you will have many memories with. But nothing will compare to the first memories you have with your sister and I. We will shape how you feel and treat the women in your life. I want you to know that the laughter and love you share with your sister and I, are the most important traits I want you to share with your female friends. Always remain the considerate, thoughtful little man that you are. The times when you notice and comment on my manicure, my heart melts. Ladies always appreciate the little things. When you notice that your sister is hungry and you break pieces of your food for her, it makes her smile. She loves you and loves that you will protect her. Continue to be the rock star that you are because one day you will find a lady to have a family with. And she will want to feel secure, loved and beautiful, just as you have made me feel since I’ve become a mom. These pictures were taken a few months after “sister” was born. You can see on my face that my post baby body represents strength and pure happiness. I love you.


“I took these pictures to show you how strong and confident I could be in my own skin.”

Dylan, my warrior princess, my baby girl. These pictures were taken when you were nine months old. You are already crawling and will be walking really soon. (I’d say before you turn one.) At such a young age, you already know who and what you want. You’re very vocal and strong willed. And when people initially meet you, they laugh because your eyebrows are always furrowed. We’ve all tried to smooth them out with our fingers, but they crunch back in place. I wonder how you’ve become so serious. But more so, I admire that you are straight to the point. I took these pictures to remember what my body looked like after having you and your brother. I have stretch marks and saggy skin. My gray hair is visible and now that I stopped breastfeeding, my boobies are non-existent. It’s silly to describe what your body goes through. You will go through many silly changes growing up. Many of those changes will be uncomfortable and annoying. And many changes will be a blessing. Remember to always appreciate yourself and be mindful of your own happiness because that will carry you throughout life. I took these pictures to show you how strong and confident I could be in my skin. But really you have shown me, in your “no eff’s given” demeanor, that other people do not matter. And what matters is family and your own happiness. I love you for teaching me the basics of life.

Carter and Dylan, you are my light. My post baby body represents the journey I had to create you two. Thank you for helping me embrace my body.


Your Mommy


“You can see on my face that my post baby body represents strength and pure happiness.”