“My husband says I am just a tiger who has earned her stripes.”

I have always been overweight.  As a kid it was always the first source of ammunition the kids used to make fun of me.  After a while I built an immunity to other’s perspectives.  As I got older, what people thought about my body became less important.  But even though I developed acceptance I still felt shame.  I can look at another person and be completely impressed with their bravery to expose their skin. Even more so when it falls out of the stereotypical image of what a woman should look like.  


“As I got older, what people thought about my body became less important.”

After having my first child I felt more confident about my body.  After the second it grew even more.  Stretch marks and all.  My husband says I am just a tiger who earned her stripes.  My journey with my body is not over.  I pray to grow in appreciation and love for my body.  Each detail being something to acknowledge and find unique.  I have no plans for surgical operations or to force weight loss to fit in with the crowd.  More importantly, I want this body’s journey to stand complete in security and to project how rare and unique individuals are.


“I appreciate my body because it is the house of my spirit.”

Images of post baby bodies are so vital to our girls and women in our community.  We are manipulated and brainwashed on a daily basis to think we are not good enough.  Images are flashed before us that we can not relate to.  We are left alienated in our mind. The My Post Baby Body project strips away a robotic image of a woman and makes us proud to be mothers.  I appreciate my body because it  is the house of my spirit.  It has not given out or complained.  Being the photographer (for My Post Baby Body) and being hands on with these wonderful ladies who are true warriors has inspired me to stand with a purpose to expose what is real in our image.  It has given me bravery to be a woman.

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