My Post Baby Body Mamas

For a lot of us the only time we look at our bodies is when we are getting ready for whatever adventure the day has in store for us or getting jiggy for an event. For me, this is a time when I usually evaluate my body-my flaws and attributes. Please enjoy these mamas stories and their “getting ready” pictures.

Photo Credit- The marvelous husband and wife team Mayana and David Geathers, Geathers Photography (Ashley, Takita, D’nia and Hanan)

Photo Credit- The wonderful mama duo Jamina Veasey and Lauren Borges, J and L Photography  (Minnie, Lily, Jamina, Tiara, Zee, Karen, Clare, Arose, Julia, Arianna, Macy, Abby, Andria, Gloria, Tamara, and Raquel)

Photo Credit- The amazingly talented Maria Del Rio, Del Rio Photography (Patrice, Whitney, Maya, Katrina and Daniela)


  I was sixth months pregnant with my first child when I noticed a long  curvy line in the middle of my stomach that itched like crazy and the more I scratched, the more they showed up in bands of parallel lines (stretch marks).Aside from how badly the stretch marks itched I didn’t really focus … Continue reading Salina


I have been living with the ups and downs of this post baby body for 16 years. I was so young it is almost hard to remember what it ever looked like without these stretch marks and baby pouch. While it has taken me all this time, until recently after my 4th and final baby, … Continue reading Shannon


I just want to start off by saying I love my body, I love myself. I have always been petite, being petite has never bothered me. I’ve always wanted to model but I was always too petite so I had to step back from modeling because most agencies want tall models. That bothered me when … Continue reading Minnie


I have been a rather small person my whole life, so pregnancy and the weight gain that came with it was an interesting experience for me. The pregnancy itself was great for the most part, and I am extremely thankful and appreciative for that. However, there were still moments during pregnancy and postpartum where I … Continue reading Alex


    My son is 2 and my daughter is 10. To this day I still can’t believe I’m a mom. When I had my daughter, I had to have a C-section because her head was blocking my cervix from dilating any more than 6 centimeters. When I was pregnant with my son, the doctors … Continue reading Samara


I have always been overweight.  As a kid it was always the first source of ammunition the kids used to make fun of me.  After a while I built an immunity to other’s perspectives.  As I got older, what people thought about my body became less important.  But even though I developed acceptance I still … Continue reading Jamina


My body has always been curvy and over the years I embraced it but still felt a sense of insecurity as I had cellulite, rolls, etc. I wasn’t “perfect” and always wanted to be. In magazines I would see curvy women but there was never one dimple on their thigh. I was always attempting to … Continue reading Zee


My PBB (post baby body) weighs the same, but looks and feels different. I was always an athlete and on a diet and spent most of my time working on a flat stomach. I always thought I would be one of those athlete moms that barely gained any weight, and that the weight would all … Continue reading Ashley


During my adolescences and even into early adulthood I had body image issues. I have always been quite shapely and would be criticized frequently by my peers because I was not “skinny”. I never really believed I was exceedingly over weight but began to internalize the perspective of those that viewed me in a negative … Continue reading Takita


This body has done some thangs… I mean really we been carrying these hips, these thighs, the whole damn package since time immemorial. It is a gift and a burden that should be expected, cuz our grandmama and them been doing this. But I am still amazed at every child that calls me mommy, still … Continue reading Tiara


No one wants to make the decision to have an abortion and survive; but I would never erase it from my life. Mostly because I would never erase her. I hold on to her, still, in so many ways, she is profound, forever a part of me, never having been able to separate and be … Continue reading Lily


My whole life I had dealt with body issues. Not necessarily in terms of being overweight, but I just never felt that my body was ever the norm and conformed to societies standards. When I hit puberty I started getting my curves and wasn’t ashamed of them at all because I finally got boobs which … Continue reading Raquel


An open letter to my kids: Carter, my first born, my son. There will be many women in your life whom you will have many memories with. But nothing will compare to the first memories you have with your sister and I. We will shape how you feel and treat the women in your life. … Continue reading Macy


I was in the best shape of my life (high school included), then my son was conceived. At 30, in my first successful pregnancy, I worked out hard until about 8 months when all I could do was walk. I had an emergency cesarean. The weight came off quickly and by 6 months I was … Continue reading Andria


I feel like my body and my perception of my body are works in progress. Even when I was thinner- I never felt like I was thin enough. No matter what I did, according to what I was seeing in the media, my body wasn’t good enough. However, in some ways, now after having a … Continue reading Gloria


As a young girl I remember being self conscious about my body. Somewhere in my parents’ house is an old photo of me in front of a waterfall in Hawaii, eight years old and sitting hunched over on a rock, clutching a plastic inner tube in front of my body. I was ashamed of my … Continue reading Julia


My grandmother always said, “a woman must have presence and dignity.” The last time she said this to me was in 2005 when I was visiting her in Zimbabwe before her passing in 2006.  She kept making me sadza (a Zimbabwean staple) scones, vegetables, and meat. I was a size zero and in America it was … Continue reading Karen


Being a part of  the MyPostBabyBody project has to be in the top three most frightening and exhilarating things I’ve ever done; having my son, jumping out of an airplane, and now this. Accepting my body for every scar, flab, and wrinkle is an amazingly hard thing to do but this was definitely a huge step toward that … Continue reading Clare


I’ll start by saying that as a new, full-time working mother I am incredibly grateful I can still dance. When I was a soon-to-be mama I feared having to give up doing what I love, and not having the time for me. I feared getting fat and not feeling like I could step into a … Continue reading Arianna


I honestly never thought about my post baby body until I learned of this project and committed to doing it.  I have thought about my body in general.  Unfortunately, as women, we are forced to think of our bodies one way or another.  I have always been a chubby kid but growing up in Ethiopia, my weight was … Continue reading Hanan


I wouldn’t say that I love my body. I love myself and the body I am in but the physical look of my body I always felt was average. I always felt like I needed a little more butt, a little more hips, a little more fat. I guess I had that skinny girl syndrome … Continue reading D’nia


In college I was an egg donor and was told the “average woman gained 5 lbs. in the process”. I gained over 100 lbs. from the hormones of five donations which took years to lose; clearly I’m above average! Not really the over achievement I was looking for at the time but I resolved it … Continue reading Abby


My first thought after I agreed to be a part of this project was “What in the hell did I just do?” My next thought was “Which one of my mommy friends can I get to do it with me?” I thought taking pictures, in front of strangers, in my bra and panties, POST baby number … Continue reading Tamara


Before the birth of my daughter (my first born) I ran 2-4 per week on average about 6 miles, I worked out 5 days a week, I took dance classes, I would go on bike rides… I was at my ideal weight, felt confident, body image was a non-issue. So after the birth of my … Continue reading Arose


“Are you pregnant?” this question use to bring me so much joy. I would respond, “yes” proceeded by, “I’m having a boy…five months…this is my first…this is my second.” Lately, however the answer to that question is a lot more simple but the emotions that come with it are a lot more complex. “No, I … Continue reading Whitney


Beyonce may have had the best video of all time, but that post baby body is Taylor’d! So many times I’ve had to remind myself, “Dee, it’s real but not realistic.” Sure, give me the top of the line stretchmark-be-gone potion, the most sought out personal trainer, and I’d be prancing around in a two … Continue reading Daniela


My postbabybody isn’t actually that much different than my pre baby body. What is different is everyone else’s body. I’ve never had much of a butt, but I’m still not sure if my butt shrunk after pregnancy, or if everyone else’s butt just got bigger. So many celebrities use implants, injections, and photoshop to make … Continue reading Katrina


I don’t think much about my body. Perhaps that’s a privileged position however I like to think of it as perspective. I gave up on struggling with weight several years ago, when I decided to permanently change my relationship with how I see my potentials. Essentially my body is all I have, beyond this life, … Continue reading Patrice


My new body definitely has taken some getting used to. I went up a few sizes from my pre-baby body to the size I am now. Some would say that’s not too shabby but it’s not only the size it’s the difference in my skin as well (and weight distribution). I have learned over the … Continue reading Maya


If you are interested in being a mypostbabybody mama please email me at!

6 thoughts on “My Post Baby Body Mamas

  1. Nancy says:

    I just came across your page and I wanted to thank you for putting this out there. After having children I have really struggled with body confidence. Clothes shopping is a nightmare. It is very discouraging and when postpartum bodies are never talked about in the media. It makes you feel like an outsider . I really enjoyed your page and the stories of these beautiful women.

    Liked by 1 person

    • whitrina says:

      Thank you so much for taking the time to share your experience with me. Lately I have been a bit unmotivated to add to the site but your comment was definitely the push that I needed. Thank you.


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