My Post Baby Body Journey- 11 Days Postpartum

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11 days postpartum

My mind: I have my good moments and my low moments. Sometimes the idea of going outside with a newborn is overwhelming but I know that staying in the house all day every day is bad for my mental health. My husband made me go for a walk around the block the other day which was nice and much appreciated. Still feeling anxious about him going back to work. I’m also feeling overwhelmed by my house. So much cleaning, so little time, so little energy.

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11 days postpartum

My body: Where do I begin? There’s been a lot going on! Well first off, my milk came in like crazy. Maxwell spent a day feeding and after that my boobs were uncomfortably humongous for days. I couldn’t even hug my kids which made me a little sad. In addition to that, breastfeeding has been hella painful. While the cramping had subsided, each feeding felt like he was biting my nipple. I used all the techniques my lactation nurse taught me but they weren’t working so I we went in for an appointment and was told that Maxwell was tongue tied. So it didn’t just feel like he was biting my nipple he literally was biting my nipple. Ouch!

Moving on, my pelvic floor is done. It hurts to crawl, I can hardly stand up in the morning, I can’t sit up without using my arms to support me, I can’t even lift my legs too far off the ground and I have to sleep with a huge pillow between my legs or else I’ll feel an unbearable pain in my groin area. Like they say, there is no rest for the weary. Now for my neck, it hurts badly and it is super stiff. I thought it might be from sleeping crazy because I fall asleep in all different positions these days but it turns out I hurt is breastfeeding. My little one is so cute I like to watch him while he eats and that has been straining my neck. The cure to all my pain issues, as prescribed by my doctor, has been heat and pain medicine. I don’t like taking pills but I am super unpleasant when I’m in pain and my family deserves to have the best version of me even while I’m healing. I’m starting to get my energy back, got to dance with my boys to some MJ today so that definitely makes taking some pills worth it.

My soul: I don’t know how my soul feels. I guess I need to do some soul searching…

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11 days postpartum



My Post Baby Body Journey- 1 Day Postpartum


1 Day Postpartum

My Mind: Trying to figure out how this being a mom of three thing is going to work out, especially in my current physical state. The boys both seem hella germy but of course are in love with their baby brother so they want to touch all over him and be in his face. How do I get them to keep their distance without fostering jealousy or resentment? What the hell am I going to do when my husband goes back to work?


Believe it or not, there is no baby in there!

My Body: As demonstrated by my photo, I don’t look too different from how I did when I was pregnant, lol. I’m ok with that considering I’m only one day postpartum. I’m also too focused on healing, taking care of my new baby and acclimating my family to our new addition to be concerned with my appearance. I’m in a lot of pain. Everything hurts. I had an epidural so my back is sore and my feet and hands are swollen. Breastfeeding is going well although it comes with extremely painful contractions. I was told that since this was my third child that my uterus is extra stretchy so it has more contracting to do to get back to where it was pre-baby. Lucky me! I have a lot of love and support around me though so I’m able to get some rest and take some pain killers.


1 Day Postpartum

My Soul: Elated. I love this new life so much and I am so happy to be surrounded by so much love and support from my family and friends.

Postpartum Reflection


Introducing Maxwell!

I was in my head a lot during my most recent pregnancy. We planned to have Maxwell simply because our family didn’t feel complete. In the past few years it has always felt like someone was missing. Logically, it made the most sense to conceive when we did so that our kids wouldn’t be too far apart in age and we wouldn’t have to pay two childcare tuitions at the same time. We were lucky to conceive at our intended time and my pregnancy began.

This pregnancy felt more challenging than my other ones but that could simply be because it’s more fresh in my memory. I struggled to keep up with my four year old, had a lot of aches and pains and my blood pressure was a bit elevated towards the end. I’m embarrassed to say that my physical discomfort and the impact my pregnancy had on my family and my career made me second guess my decision to have my third child. Don’t get me wrong, I always felt very connected to Maxwell and loved him well before I met him but in my mind I would often think “what did I get myself into?”.
The morning I went into labor with Maxwell the rain poured down. It was cloudy and foggy all morning- a beautiful gray. I drew calm during my labor from gazing at the clouds hanging over the hills. Miraculously, however after he came out, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. All I could see was blue outside the window as I tried to nurse my beautiful and very gooey baby boy. I am so in love. That is all that I know and that is all that I need to think about at this time.