My Post Baby Body Journey- Round 3


Me at 28 Weeks pregnant

So I am pregnant again with my third boy! This pregnancy has been quite a journey as it feels like it has been more difficult than my other pregnancies. Besides gaining more weight, having elevated blood pressure and various aches and pains, I feel like psychologically I have been having a lot of thoughts without anywhere to place them. I’ve missed writing and blogging and all the things that I am just too tired to do. However, I am on maternity leave now and since I won’t have the capacity to host a My Post Baby Body photo shoot any time soon, I am going to focus on my own post baby body journey this round. So please check back here every so often to see what is going on with me. I’m curious to see how my body evolves and what new body revelations come to me and of course I will keep it photoshop free and real!


I’ll see you after my son is born!

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