My Post Baby Body Quoted in Yahoo! Beauty Article

FullSizeRender (4)

So I don’t watch The Bachelor. The one time I attempted to I was like “Oh, this is like Flava of Love! I get the concept now…” then I turned the channel. I do know based off the increased traffic to my site however, that Catherine Giudici is representing for the post baby body movement, so much that wrote a post about her post baby body pics for their site yesterday. I also discovered that My Post Baby Body was cited as a body positive mama site in that same article. The article states:

Perhaps Giudici’s candid posting will become a new trend on social media, although she is not the first woman to embrace the realness of her after-pregnancy figure. The blog My Post Baby Body features inspiring stories of numerous women and serves as “a sanctuary for mamas who feel some sort of way about their post-baby body.”

I think people are catching on… 😉

Click here to read the full article and remember, it isn’t too late to sign up for our next MyPostBabyBody photo shoot!


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