Mother’s Day Reflections- Why I am so Committed to the Post Baby Body Movement



Dress by Jeaja

I consider myself an activist. I have dedicated my life to working towards a more liberatory society. I’m by no means an expert of all of the global issues that are oppressing too many people and animals on our earth but I am aware of how racism, classism, sexism and many other oppressive structures have impacted my life.

With all the pain and oppression going on in the world, I often wonder if I should be dedicating my time to a more “worthy” cause than mypostbabybody. I think about it often actually. My dedication to mypostbabybody however was affirmed the other evening while I was discussing Malcom X’s “The Ballot or the Bullet” among social justice oriented educators. The conversation brought us to the necessity of self love and care in any social movement. While I didn’t say much, I agreed wholeheartedly. That is why I do what I do. Not because I enjoy sharing my scantily-clad-postbabybody to the world but because I love to promote self-love. After all, who is more worthy of self-love than mothers?

Me and the mothers who participate in the mypostbabybody project are performing a revolutionary act every time we step in front of the photographer’s lense, and every time we write our postbabybody story. We are providing narratives and images of mothers that counter media’s portrayals of snapbacks and rapid slim downs. We are providing a glimpse into the matrix of motherhood that includes stretch marks, belly flab, extra skin,IMG_8596 cesarean scars, fat and bodies not as manicured as before. Some mama’s bodies aren’t changed much by motherhood but they still have a story and we share those too. We are fighting capitalistic ideals that women have to pay to be happy with our bodies. We are fighting sexist ideals that women have to be everything and maintain an unnatural youthful appearance in order to be desirable. We are fighting racism in that we provide images and stories predominantly of women of color who are often assumed to not have body image issues because our cultures have different standards of beauty.

So while our focus isn’t to end the police violence that occurs in our communities, stronger restrictions on greenhouse gasses, or to fight for equal pay for women, our work is related to these causes- promoting self-love so that women can be happy and confident within these movements- spending less energy worrying about how to get back to their pre-baby appearance and more energy loving their children, teaching them to love themselves by example and doing whatever work they deem relevant and vital to this world.


I love what we do and am excited to continue introducing you all to mypostbabybody mamas! Over the next few weeks I get the pleasure of introducing you to these amazing mamas on the My Post Baby Body Mommies page. So please check back to discover their stories.

Thank you and Happy Mother’s Day to the mothers here with us and to the mothers who live in our hearts and in everything that we do.  

Photo credit (blue pics)- J and L Photography

Photo Credit (three women pic)- Del Rio Photography

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