MyPostBabyBody Salutes Runner Stephanie Rothstein Bruce!

So I ran a Oakland’s Half Marathon last week. It was quite an incredible experience. I ran further than I had ever ran before and saw parts of Oakland that I had never seen before. Overall, it was quite an experience that I was proud to share with my kids as they were there cheering me on. While I was running it though, I got super hot and tired and the thought crossed my mind to take my shirt off. I thought, why not and then it started to rain so I took it as a sign. Jokes aside, I didn’t feel bold enough to take my shirt off-maybe that will be a new goal of mine or not.

Anywho, when I got back from the race a friend of mine introduced me to Stephanie Rothstein Bruce’s story via Facebook  and I felt like the timing couldn’t have been better!

FullSizeRender (1)Bruce is an Olympic and marathon runner who has been very vocal about her
postbabybody on her Instagram account. She runs in a bra and she has two kids (a 21 and 6 month old).
The fact that she is a professional runner and a mother is phenomenal but what is so awesome about her story is that she is showing the world that you can literally be as fit as possible and not look like dominant culture’s image of “the fit mom”. So thank you Stephanie Rothstein Bruce for educating the sports world and society about the postbabybody!

FullSizeRender (2)

2 thoughts on “MyPostBabyBody Salutes Runner Stephanie Rothstein Bruce!

  1. ThinkLikeKate says:

    I love this! Because this is what my body looks like. I lost all my weight but have tons of extra skin in my tummy. I got a lot of stretch marks throughout my pregnancy and this post makes me feel not so bad, as some of my friends just bounced back so quickly and doesn’t have the loose extra skin like I do. I lately have been thinking about what I can do to get rid of the extra skin but now I’m thinking about just leaving it! Thanks for sharing!


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