Ebony The Body Brigade

So, I can’t say I was ever really into Ebony Magazine. I use to read it at the hair dresser and in my granny’s bathroom but that was about the extent of my Ebony reading. My mom was an Essence magazine person so that and Vibe back in the day were my magazines of choice. However, this cover caught my eye today at the grocery store and I had to buy it! ebonyBefore I get into the honest and affirming interview of the four artists who grace the cover of the magazine, let me list some of the other stories that are included in the magazine: there is an article on black feminism, the myth of the supermom, black women in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math), how black female journalists cope after covering tragic stories, the stories of women who have been killed by the police, an interview with Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton about the black vote and so much more!

Excuse me if you have been subscribing to Ebony since well forever but I was really impressed with the depth of articles include in this particular issue. Okay, enough of the tangent, back to the “Body Brigade” article. These four women open up about their deepest insecurities and the depression and joy that they have experienced on their body journeys. Their stories are all different and their experiences are  diverse so there is a little bit of something in the article for most women who are looking for some affirmation in regards to their body struggles. I don’t want to give too much away because I want to encourage you to support this Ebony issue but I will say Gabi Fresh, Jazmine Sullivan, Danielle Brooks and my girl Chrisette Michele are definitely doing some truth telling worth reading! Oh and the pictures are gorgeous and so refreshing 🙂    


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