Lane Bryant: Where Body Positivity Meets Capitalism but Still Can’t Win

I have said it once and I will say it again, if it was lucrative for women to love themselves the way that they are then  more women would love themselves the way that they are. I’ll leave it at that to avoid getting into a anti-capitalist rant. So, let’s talk about Lane Bryant, one of the few brands that sort of profits off of women accepting their bodies. Recently, Lane Bryant was set to release a commercial showing women in all of their glory (no stretch marks or blemishes unfortunately but lots of skin) but ABC and NBC said they wouldn’t air it because it was indecent. I’m laughing right now because ironically a Victoria Secret commercial just came on my television screen and well while I don’t find it inappropriate, I don’t think it is any different then Lane Bryant’s commercial sans the size of the models and breastfeeding. So here is the question, why are these networks hating on the beautiful images of these women doing the things that women really do?

Here is the commercial:

Here is AJ+’s take on what happened:

I guess we should expect this type of behavior from a network that is owned by Disney while the other gave donald trump his own show. Hopefully, they will change their minds and allow these images of women to get some airtime, all 30 seconds of it.



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