The Power of Our Bodies: Black Seed Collective and the Bay Bridge Shut Down

black seed

Brooke Anderson Photography

I just couldn’t let another day go by without acknowledging these amazing and courageous beautiful women who really demonstrated the power of our bodies. Millions of dollars drive across the bridge each day, it is an architectural marvel constructed of steel and concrete but none of that mattered Monday, Dr.Martin Luther King Jr.’s Day, when the women of Black Queer Liberation Collective- Black Seed shut it down! In one of the most beautiful representations of the power of our bodies these women chained themselves across the Bay Bridge in the name of black health.

Many were annoyed, and even some black lives matters supporters felt that they should have gone about their protest differently but after 96 hours of protest it was the shutting down of the Bay Bridge that remains in our collective memory. Rather than get into all the counterarguments about the protest I rather continue lifting up these beautiful, strong, strategic, brilliant, courageous, awe-inspiring, and any synonyms of the aforementioned adjectives, women of color who reminded me as I watched them in their lace stockings, bow ties, pencils skirts, cardigans and midriffs how amazingly powerful our bodies are and not just because we have the incredible ability to bring life into this world but because we are fierce human beings!    

In closing, I’ll leave you with the words of Black Seed protestor, Vanessa Riles, “I think that it is important that the public understands that black life and black health matter enough to sit and wait on the bridge for a little while. I think that the people who are dying in the streets, their lives are worth having to wait for a little while, it’s worth disrupting business as usual.”  

These women were arrested and will have many legal fees connected to this action. If you wish to donate to their cause click here.

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