MyPostBabyBody has an Angel and Her Name is Tia Mowry!

FullSizeRender (1)

MyPostBabyBody finally has a celebrity spokeswomen she just doesn’t know it 😉 Tia Mowry is shouting it from the rooftops-“I am not pregnant!” And we could not be happier. As she is making her rounds announcing her new role on Fox’s Rosewood, promoting her cooking show and just spreading her awesomeness she has taken the opportunity to call out all those body shamers speculating about her non-existent pregnancy.


I have been meaning to post about her postbabybody IG campaign to get
people to be a little more considerate and shut the hell up about her body but I guess People Magazine and Huffington Post beat me to the punch. Regardless of my late timing, I just want to appreciate Tia Mowry for using her celebrity status to speak out about an issue that is plaguing so many women on so many levels. Oh and making me feel a little less alone in this world.

Go here for her Huffington Post interview!

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