The MyPostBabyBody.Org Manifesto in the Key of E-40’s “Choices”

As women we are complex. The way we feel about our bodies is complex. For that reason I try to organize this blog in a way that brings those complexities to the surface. It is simply about loving one’s amazing child producing body in all of it’s glory. With that comes a lot of contradictions because life isn’t this or that but is dynamically shifting here and there. So is this blog all about fitness? Nope! Might talk about fitness sometimes? Yup! Is it simple? Nope! You know what, instead of writing all these questions out, enjoy this musical rendition of what MyPostBabyBody.Org is all about (and know that we are also sometimes the opposite of everything stated as well 😉 )!

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Here are the lyrics if you missed them:

MyPostBabyBody.Org Choices

Ever get to nap? (nope)

Balance two babies on your lap? (yup)

Have time for make-up? (nope)

Help a toddler out when he’s down on his luck? (Yup)

You a quitter? (nope)

You strong woman, never bitter? (yup)

Kids stay up past bedtime? (nope)

Read a few extra books during book time? (yup)

Leave home no sanitizer? (nope)

Everyday getting wiser? (yup)

Mommy Dearest in my blood? (nope)

Down for a hug? (yup)

You a loser? (nope), Winner? (yup)

Sitting idle? (nope), Busy? (yup)

You still breastfeeding? (nope)

Did it till your boob had no feeling? (yup)

Going out past dark? (nope)

Going to a play date at the park? (yup)

Is daycare cheap? (nope)

Cost more than 10 jeeps? (yup)

Scrub your house on your knees? (nope)

Putting your feet up when they leave? (yup)

Everybody’s got choices

I put family first, and loving my life

Everybody got choices

I choose to work hard and be a loving wife

Everybody got choices

My kids got hella energy never stop for a minute

Everybody got choices

People be judging but the already know

Am I going to listen? (no,no,no)

I’m going to keep raising my family (yea, yea, yea)

Do I care if they hate my parenting? (no, no, no)

I’m going to keep on doing me (yea, yea, yea)

If you’re a hater, you ain’t like me (no,no,no)

I’m owning my post baby body (yea, yea, yea)

I give a heck if you don’t get me (no,no,no)

I’m going to keep raising my family (yea, yea, yea)

Uh, pregnant? (nope)

Does that question sound hella ignorant? (yup)

Body shamer? (nope) Sometimes use a body shaper? (yup)

Dieter? (nope) Eat well, never healthier? (yup)

Sappy? (nope) Happy? (yup)

Trying for a girl? (nope)

Think twice before bringing a baby into this world? (yup)

thinner? (nope) winner? (yup)

Losing baby weight? (nope)

Work out anyway? (yup)

Sleep? (nope), Bust moves hella active at Gymboree? (yup)

Scared of the scale? (nope)

Getting organics on sale? (yup)

Frail? (nope), Kale? (yup)

Scared of some fog? (nope)

Down for a jog? (yup)

Photoshop? (nope) grocery shop? (yup)

Collagen in my lips? (nope)

Got wider hips? (yup)

Guilt trips? (nope), deserve tips? (yup)

Never leave the house without a snack (nope)

Always down for a trip to Nordstrom’s Rack (yup)

Not tryin’ to have a body like Beyonce (nope)

Do what you can, when you can is what I say (yup)

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