Do What You Can, When You Can: My New Postbabybody Motto


School has been back in session for a couple of months now. This means the glory days of working out, reading at my leisure, running errands and reconnecting with friends are all distant summer memories. Now my days are about grading, lesson planning, stressful morning routines, spending as much time with my family as possible and trying to catch up on sleep. Needless to say, I’m a bit overwhelmed. My only saving grace is that I know the school year will only get easier. However, this year I’m experiencing an added source of stress that I haven’t experienced before- I can’t fit my work clothes anymore. During the first few weeks of school every outfit that I planned to wear was a bit too small forcing me to have to find an alternative. Talk about insult to injury! Not only was it a constant reminder of my summer weight gain, I had to spend more precious morning time trying to find something else to wear. To be honest, if I had the money I would just buy new clothes and keep it moving but I don’t so instead I’ve been doing what I can when I can.

The problem of not fitting my clothes is one thing, but the anxiety of not knowing when I would actually have the capacity to do something about it and the fear that I might grow into a body that doesn’t feel comfortable to me, was what really got me down. I know not working out consistently isn’t nearly as effective as doing it regularly so I wouldn’t work out unless I felt confident I could keep it up. Not anymore! I’ve decided to do what I can when I can. As a result, I ran four times in September. It may not sound too impressive but I only ran once in August and have already clocked six runs in October. Wanting to do more and accepting when I can’t has lifted a weight off of me (maybe even literally) where I feel motivated to eat more healthily and run whenever I can. As a result, I simply feel better!

Anywho, I like my new motto. I do what I can when I can which allows me to capitalize every free moment (even if it’s just spent taking a nap;) while liberating myself from the guilt I felt about not doing everything that I need to do all of the time.

2 thoughts on “Do What You Can, When You Can: My New Postbabybody Motto

  1. Erin says:

    It’s funny that you mention this because that’s sort of what I’ve been doing and it works! I didn’t workout because I didn’t have time to do the workout I wanted to do. After I resigned myself to finding something I enjoy in the time I have, I’ve gone 5 times in the last two weeks. It’s not the perfect workout, but it’s something and something is better than nothing. Keep it up the good work!

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