MyPostBaby Bikini Body?

After I had my first born I remember thinking that I would never be able to wear a bikini again. I was ok with it. I love one pieces and was ok with that being a small sacrifice for such a huge gain, my beautiful baby boy. 

After I had my second however, I couldn’t imagine any type of water sportswear that would look flattering on me. I actually already had a control top one piece from before I even had kids that I had ordered from one of my mom’s catalogues not knowing that it was that style but post-baby I had too much to “control”. So I decided to buy a bikini. I looked online and had a few false starts but found one I was comfortable with on While I have worn it to the pool at my apartment complex wearing it to the beach for the first time was a big step for me. And even though, I have pictures of myself in my underwear on this very site that I have shared on social media, stepping in public felt way more challenging. 

I did it and realized that it was no big deal. No one cared. Everyone is just having fun at the beach. I also observed that while some women were covered up, the men at the beach bared their skin without hesitation. These are all societal norms that we are all familiar with so I won’t bore you with how this is just one example out of millions of gender iniquity in our society but I will say, the sun felt so good on my belly! 

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