MyPostBabyBody Salutes: Serena Williams!

Why you ask?! Why not?! Serena Williams is the boss applesauce and one of the best athletes of our time (take that Lebron, go Warriors!). So although, she hasn’t birthed any children to my knowledge she is more than worthy of a MyPostBabyBody post because her tennis playing is awe inspiring sort of like childbirth and like MyPostBabyBody moms it seems that all people can talk about is her body. I’ve read more articles about the racism and sexism Serena faces after every Grand Slam title than I have about her actually winning. Don’t get me wrong, I thoroughly appreciate people bringing to light how racism and sexism permeates every facet of our society even in a sports where it is suppose to be understood that the best opponent wins-but here I want to focus on Serena’s awesomeness! Here are some positive messages that have been circulating about her on the internet.

My 3-yo son called #SerenaWilliams his princess and we had to correct him–she’s his queen.

But can we make #SerenaWilliams an official superhero, or something? Is there an award for that? Can we make one!?!?!

Muscles are fkn sexy!! Man or woman . It’s beautiful #SerenaWilliams  #bodypositive

I don’t care what anyone says #SerenaWilliams looks like a goddess to me.

Queen ‪#‎SerenaWilliams‬, continues to be Incredible in all she does!!!‪#‎SerenaSlam‬ ‪#‎AgainandForever‬

Queen, superhero, sexy, goddess, and incredible at all she does! Hmm sounds like a mom to  me. No doubt Serena is amazing but you are too! With that said, I am permitting you to apply these comments to yourself as affirmations of how wonderful you are.
Thank you Serena! Thank you mamas! Let’s continue to redefine society’s notion of what women’s bodies should look like.

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