Is Self Esteem Hereditary?

One of my near and dear best friends made a vow to herself after her daughter was born that she would never critique her body in front of her daughter. Her rationale was that her daughter will likely share her features and she wants her to grow up feeling proud about her body and beautiful just the way she is. In turn, I have become more mindful about how I speak about my body around my boys-in my mind this is my little way of trying to disrupt the cycle of unreal beauty expectations.

This year one of my students was researching fashion and body image and came across this video. The first time she showed it to me I couldn’t help but tear up. It demonstrates quite clearly the impact mothers have on the way their daughters see themselves and why every mother should vow to speak as positively as possible about their body around their children. So, although it was produced as a marketing scheme for a huge corporation, I think it’s definitely worth viewing.

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