An Oldie But Goodie MyPostBabyBody Movie: “Real Women Have Curves”

There are so many reasons to love “Real Women Have Curves”. It deserves two thumbs up for the title alone but beyond that there is a strong Latina protagonist, it takes place in LA and it’s just hella real! The movie is very multifaceted but of course the theme that makes it a mypostbabybody movie is the body image theme.  The theme is threaded through the entire film but it comes to a climax in this scene where the women are discussing their bodies and Ana, the main character, basically says “fuck you” to the idea that she needs to lose weight. Gotta love it right?! Oh and there are some mother-daughter dynamics going on that I am sure some of you can relate to, at least I know I can (love you mommy!).  I recommend watching or re-watching the entire film but here is the scene I was referring to. Happy viewing!

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