Orange Bikini Power!

This woman, A. Breeze Harper PhD, is my shero and one of the inspirations for me starting this blog. When I came across this post featured on her blog a year ago it was exactly what I needed to see. It was during a time when I was realizing that I had fallen for Hollywood’s pre-packaged plan for how women should look and achieving any sort of body resembling a celebrity mom was unattainable. I had also made my mind up a long time ago that I could never wear a bikini again. Harper on the other hand, wears her bikini unapologetically no matter what state her body is in. So imagine my surprise when I saw this courageous soul’s picture pop up on my Facebook timeline! Seeing her was affirming because I was really starting to think that I was one of just a few women who had not returned to my pre-baby body. So thank you Sistah Vegan for your lifelong commitment to your orange bikini, maybe I’ll pull out my pre-baby yellow polka dot bikini one day.

Check out her post here: “Going Beyond What’s Your Excuse [For Not Being Skinny Like Me]?

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